Q. Is this an e-mail or internet course only?

A. No.  There will be group time and there will be 2 conferences per Module.

 Q. Are there any hidden fees?

A. No. The Module payment covers everything, from S&H of the booklet to the free altar piece you receive at the end of each module to place on your altar we will be building.

Q. What day will the call be on? What if I can't make the call?

A. I'm not sure if they will be held on Saturday or Sunday. If you miss the call then you miss the hour lesson and the hour of discussion. We will vote after the class starts to see what the majority picks that is the fairest way I know to do it other than me picking the day but the hour point in having the conference call is because it is as close to hands on as you can get.

 Q. Will I receive a certificate?

A. Only if you want one when you finish the course.

Q. Can people join in the middle of the term?

A. No. The pay-pal button will be pulled once the first module starts.

Q. Can I take the second Module if I didn’t take the first one?

A. No. If you miss a module you cannot move on to the next one until the one you missed is completed.

Q. Is there limited space?

A. Yes. There is limited space. 25 is the limit in order to keep the course personal.

Q. Will you be giving scholarships?

A. Yes. There will be 2 given for the whole course. More details coming on this.

Q. Will the conference call be a group call or an individual call?

A. The conference call will be a group call. One hour of the call will be teaching and the second hour will be for discussion.

Q. How will they be scheduled?

A. They will be scheduled on a weekend afternoon.

Q. How many modules will there be?

A. At this time there will be six, each one will run for 2 months.

Q. What will be covered in them?

A. These modules will cover a whole spectrum of information on, the history of how the work came to be, the people,  the culture, honoring the Ancestors, the spirits of place, and of course the work.

Q. Will you actually be teaching us how to be rootworkers?

A. Yes! You will be taught just like my hands on students are taught only it will be via the telephone and written lessons.

Q. Will there be a course book?

A. Yes. Each Module will have a booklet.