Conjure Weekend Intensive with Mama Starr


Momma Starr is offering hands on conjure workshops at her home where you will learn to connect with the Ancestors of Conjure and draw on their power.

 Saturday May 27

12:00 to 2:00

Opening prayer, Meet and Greet, and cleanings, visiting the prayer house where you will be able to light a vigil and pray at any of the altars. The group will set up a prayer altar together.

 2:00 to 2:30

A short break with refreshments

2:30 to 4:00

Herbal Class

Mama Starr will teach from her Roots Herbs and More book topics will cover, healing, conjure, and conjure cooking with herbs and roots. How to make your garden no matter how small a conjure garden filled with roots, herbs and plants to draw a prosperous life and to protect your home.


4:00 to 5:00

Each participate will put together an “Attraction oil” and the oil will be empowered on Mama Starr’s altar. Then to end the day there will be questions and answers. There will be an ending prayer to close the day out.

Sunday May 28


Barbeque with Mama Starr

12:00 to 2:00

The group will sit at the dinner table with Mama Starr and share a meal of; Barbeque Ribs, Chicken, Sausage and Smoked Boudin. Dirty Rice, Potato Salad, Borracho Beans, Green Salad, drinks. Then clean up.


2:00 to 3:30

Mama Starr will be teaching how to make “real” conjure powders, from dirt’s, herbs, and other things found around the home. Each participate will make a road opening powder to bring home.


3:30 to 5:00

Discussion on the tricks of the trade and busting blocks that maybe holding you back from success! Mama Starr will show ya how to use a hammer to remove the things that are in your way.


Then the closing prayer to end the weekend of fellowship; each participant will leave with a special take home gift

Space is limited only to ten “10” individuals.  This is a special one of a kind workshop where you can ask questions and learn traditional old style conjure from Momma Starr.

$350.00 covers the whole weekend.

Conjure Weekend Intensive with Mama Starr

$ 350.00 USD

Hands on training with Mama Starr  Casas