What spurred the Conjure Academy to share knowledge about Conjure was a heartfelt call from the Ancestors to honor and remember them. Many folks desire to learn about Conjure but they forget the slaves. Some folks want the work but not the history and sorrows that gave birth to this work. Some folks have turned Conjure into a big ballin' where they portray themselves as the be all end all of Conjure work. As far as the Conjure Academy is concerned the Ancestors are the end all be all of Conjure.

Some folks who have started learning conjure especially through the internet are neglecting the ancestors. They want to do the work but not have anything to do with those who fought and died for this work to be here. At the Conjure Academy we are of the creed that the Ancestors are the foundation, heart, and backbone of Conjure work regardless of regional differences, personal flair in one's style of work, et cetera. Without our African ancestors who were brought here against their will Conjure work as we know it would cease to exist. It is our aspiration at the Conjure Academy that all members exalt and honor the ancestors, enslaved and freedmen alike, of American conjure thus remembering their sorrowful plight.

We are led by the Spirit of the Ancestors at the Conjure Academy to shatter the bonds of willful ignorance of their memories. We refuse to enchain their spirits in perpetual oblivion by shedding a light on their stories and suffering at the Academy. Honor and Praise to All the Ancestors of Conjure! Every Conjure worker needs a strong foundation to build on. The first two Modules will focus on building that foundation. Modules three and four will cover the work aspect of Conjure.