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Culture, Ethics Ancestors


We at the Conjure Academy believe strongly in practicing Conjure work with a discerning mind and the Spirit of Understanding. Some folks have been taught that there are no ethics in this work which is not true. Everybody knows right from wrong and what is morally sound in most situations. In this module we will elaborate on light and heavy types of work and how to navigate through those gray areas. Each participant in the Conjure Academy will learn the difference between justified and unjustified work. Jumping into something when you are hot-headed and mad is never a good idea. What many folks online are lacking in the study of Conjure is the know-how of working in different situations because they lack the culture of Conjure. In order to truly understand Conjure one must become fully immersed as possible in the culture, social mores, and traditions encompassing the American South. Culture ties in with ethics and one's personal moral foundation in Conjure. In the Conjure Academy each member will be taught how to distinguish lighter and heavier types of work in the context of American southern culture (that means the culture of the people below the Mason-Dixie line for you nitpickers).

What is light work? What is heavy work? What makes my work justified or against the will of God? These questions and more will be addressed in detail in module one.

In module one culture, the ancestors and ethics will be our topics. You have to know the culture and its people in order to understand the work. Conjure work was born out of suffering the slaves AND "freedmen" endured in their day to day lives. The way in which the Ancestors have learned to deal with unimaginable pains through Conjure influences the ethics of this work that we teach at the Conjure Academy. The first part of the module will cover a variety of topics, from food to spirituals. The second half will cover things that weren't covered in part one of the module. The module will cover ethics and what is considered justified and unjustified work. Mama Starr will cover how to setup a basic altar or shrine so you will have a place to work. There will be a small work given within each part of the module.

What many onlookers to American conjure have forgotten is that Conjure work is a way of life and a culture of living in harmony with yourself, your Higher Power, the Ancestors, and your environment. We at the Conjure Academy will teach you how to implicate the culture of the Ancestors of Conjure as a way of life. It is the belief of the Conjure Academy that Conjure work is a culmination of a people's culture as a direct response to their suffering and hardships that extends beyond what one reads in a book or online archives about this subject.

The phone conference for this Module is 2 hours. One hour the first call and the other hour in the last call.

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