Momma Starr founded The Conjure Academy as a way of preserving true and traditional Conjure work as taught in her family and in the American South. The Conjure Academy upholds as its tenets the preservation of American Southern culture, Spirit-Led & Spirit-Filled practices upholding at their source the Holy Trinity & the Christian Bible, and the respect due to all our Ancestors who died and suffered at the hands of their oppressors.

Some workers especially those who are outsiders to Southern culture view Conjure as a way to usurp money from prospective clients. They have no respect for the culture that informs Conjure work. Momma Starr launched the Conjure Academy as her own way of counteracting the loss of culture occuring in online Conjure circles. It is our hope at the Conjure Academy that the information shared will spur each participant in the Academy to honor the culture and the people who have gifted the world with Conjure work.

At the Conjure Academy we encourage each participant to grow into Conjure work in a way that is right for him/her. A very important aspect of Conjure that is constantly overlooked is GROWTH. Conjure work was preserved as a way of helping those in need to GROW within life's ever-changing cycles.  Our mission is to help each participant to grow into the spiritual worker she/he needs to be.

Another issue that has become menacing to traditional Conjure work are unnecessary rivalries created between certain so-called spiritual workers who should know better and act better. We do NOT endorse NOR encourage enfantine behaviors as such mentioned because the Conjure Academy refuses to operate in the Spirit of Division and Separation. Because the nature of Conjure work and Southern culture is communal and family oriented this is the manner in which the Academy diffuses its teachings. To give you an idea of what this means: Conjure work has always been passed down and preserved in families. We at the Conjure Academy strive to share these teachings in the Spirit of Integrity and Unity so the knowledge can be passed down. This work was given to us so it is our responsibility to preserve it for future generations.

These familial values and Southern social mores are the heart and core of the Conjure Academy. The tenets that we share at The Conjure Academy are what inform true and traditional Conjure work as practiced in the past and present throughout the American South. Our primary goal in sharing these time-honored practices is to preserve the SPIRIT and knowledge of what our ancestors planted and sown in the roots, herbs, minerals, rocks, water flows, and crossways on American soil.

What distinguishes The Conjure Academy is that the information shared with students is HANDS ON knowledge that Momma Starr has gained and learned in her 40+ years as a strong healer, gifted reader, and traditional no-nonsense conjure woman. As a participant in The Conjure Academy you will be taught hard-to-find knowledge that may help you CREATE your own BUILDING BLOCKS of TOTAL SUCCESS, Prosperity, & Abundance!

Through the knowledge disseminated at The Conjure Academy we sincerely hope to uplift our Ancestors through our heartfelt thanks while praying their burdens to rest where the Sun sets.

Glory Be to God Almighty for all the gifts we have received and Praise to the Ancestors for the knowledge they planted in our Spirit to unlock those powerful gifts. Amen!