The Conjure Academy is a unique online learning institute, offered to seekers who are unable to learn in the traditional, one on one fashion. The training is offered by Conjure Woman Mama Starr Casas who has over forty years of experience and is the author of eleven books and the Conjure Cards. The Conjure Academy brings Conjure to those unable to go to Mama Starr’s many events or to travel to her Prayer House to learn from her hands on.

What makes the Conjure Academy unique is that each participant will learn about the culture, Southern values, and Spirit of Conjure. We believe that in order to truly understand Conjure work and its' many hidden subtleties one must first become acquainted with the culture and ancestors that bore this work. Conjure work is a way of life and a LEGACY that all practitioners inherit. We, the Conjure Academy, strongly believe in honoring the ancestral legacies of Conjure through our teachings, disseminations, and practices with all those who wish to stand hand-in-hand with us and uplift the Ancestors.

The Conjure Academy is a new way of receiving Conjure teachings and practices that are traditional to the Spirit of Conjure, Southern Family Traditions, and the Slave Culture of the American South. Our courses are a conglomeration of antebellum aka " old-timey" traditions, southern beliefs, ethno-spiritual botany, heterogeneous practices originating from different families below the Mason-Dixie line, and thaumaturgic (miracle-working) remedies imparted to us from a variety of different spiritual workers. Through the courses offered at the Conjure Academy we have reconciled HANDS ON Conjure practices with the changing times via the world wide web for those who are unable to find a traditional conjure elder.

This Academy has been percolating for many years and is now ready to open its cyber doors!

Each Conjure module includes

a booklet written by Mama Starr

conference time with Mama Starr

weekly homework assignments

 This is as close to hands on training as Mama Starr could get.


The Conjure Academy is unique in that each two-month module offers reading materials, phone conferences and an enspirited altar piece. Students learn by the written word and spoken word. Within each two month module, Mama Starr will offer two hours of conference time. The first hour will be in the first thirty days and the other  hour will be in the last thirty days of the module.

During the training, students will build or enhance their conjure foundations and their personal altars/shrines. Each module will be sequential and will come with a booklet on the subject written by Mama Starr and a shrine piece as a gift. They will be inspired by the module and none will be repeated.

If you are going to do Conjure work, then it is important that you are taught with a strong foundation. Mama Starr’s goal is to teach her students the way she was taught. You have to have a strong understanding of the culture and of the people who paved the way. The modules are set up so the student can take their time and really study the culture, the ancestors, and the work that makes up Conjure.

The Conjure Academy will provide an online community for students to gather, share their experiences and ask questions. Mama Starr will be in the group daily to answer any questions about the modules. The Academy and its courses are meant to provide interaction with Mama Starr and your fellow students. This is a nurturing environment where students will be supported, not given some information to read and maybe ask some questions. The conference calls have been placed into the modules so Mama Starr can teach to the needs of the groups and students can have the chance to personally ask questions of Mama Starr. The first hour of the call Mama Starr will speak on the module; during the second half, students will be able to ask questions or just talk about the module. This course is written to be interactive because that is how Mama Starr was taught and that is the only way she knows how to teach.

The first module starts January 1st 2015. Registration and payment must be made before the start date of each module. Each module will cost $100.00 to be paid for upon registration. Once the student has paid they will be sent a link to the online module and be invited to the study group. The module booklet will be mailed out within three business days of the payment being received. The altar or shrine piece will be mailed out three business days after the completion of each module. Once module booklets are mailed, there will be no refunds given. The day the module starts the payment button will be disabled so payment has to be received before the start of the module.

Note from Mama Starr

Attention Conjure Academy Students!!!


Your dedication to learning the foundation of Traditional Southern Conjure is about to pay off because modules 3 and 4 are all about the work!  Modules 1 & 2 covered the foundations of Conjure and included a lot of study about the Ancestors.  Learning about the Ancestors is essential to you becoming a true Conjure worker because without the Ancestors, there would be no Conjure work!

 I have said many times before that Conjure was created with the blood, sweat and tears of the Ancestors and therefore they should be honored for their sacrifices.  I teach about the Ancestors because they will ALWAYS be an integral part of Southern Traditional Conjure that has been practiced below the Mason/Dixie line. 

 The outline for modules 3 & 4 are listed below.  Please note that both of these modules are going to be taught orally and will be recorded.  These final 2 modules are about as close to live hands-on training that you can get!  Also, I have decided to increase the number of training calls from 2 calls per module to 4 calls per module.  Each call is scheduled to run for 1 hour, but they might go on longer depending on how Spirit leads me to teach.

 I also have some great news for those students who successfully complete modules 1-4.  You will receive a certificate of completion from the Conjure Academy and I have also decided to create a series of Advanced Traditional Conjure classes that will take your Conjure work to the next level.  The outline for the first Advanced Conjure class is listed below as well.

 The Advanced Conjure classes will be offered once every 6 months to give you time to put what you learn into practice and they will be ongoing.   We are about to have a whole lot of Conjure fun y’all as we dive deep into the work!  Thank you for taking this journey with me and I am honored that you have chosen me to be your Elder.  God Bless!

 Sincerely, Momma Starr



Module 3 – Staying Blessed and Protected

 Call 1:  Cleansing & Uncrossing Work

 Call 2:  Cut/Clear & Reversal Work

 Call 3:  Protection Work (Boxes, Mirrors, Protection of your Property, Home and Loved Ones, etc.)

 Call 4:  Q&A Call


Module 4 – Reclaiming Your Power


Call 1:  Controlling Conjure Works (Domination, Controlling, Essence of Bendover, etc.)

Getting the Job D-O-N-E! (Double Action Work, Triple Action Work, Strategies for Successful Results)


Call 2:  How to Start a Successful Conjure Business  and Q&A.


Congratulations!  Upon successful completion of all 4 modules, you will receive a certificate of completion from the Conjure Academy!



Advanced Conjure Training 1

(Only available to students who have successfully completed all 4 modules.)


Call 1:  Hot Foot Work (How to Do Hot Foot Jobs Right!)

 Call 2:  Crossroads Work (This Is Some of the Most Powerful Conjure Work You Can Do!)

 Call 3:  Divination with the Ancestors (Working With the Ancestors to Empower Your Readings)

 Call 4:  Q&A Call 


***More Advanced Conjure Training Coming Soon!***


Mama Starr's website is oldstyleconjure.com


Her books and cards can be found at http://www.oldstyleconjure.com/#!/HOODOO-CONJURE-BOOKS/c/3659289/offset=0&sort=normal